Sunday, 14 April 2019 Workshop

Sunday, 14 April 2019 Workshop


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Gerald is a renowned West Australian landscape and abstract painter working with oils, acrylic and pastels.
The Workshop:
The aim of the workshop is to paint an Acrylic Impressionist style landscape using a limited palette. Working from a photo reference supplied, we will make some slight adjustments to the composition.
Using a fan tail brush to block in a tonal wash, then developing the painting with a Painting Knife, Primary Colours and White.
Suggested equipment list: 
1. Canvas Board approx. 40 x 30 cm
2. Colours: Ultramarine Blue - Alizarin Crimson - Cadmium Yellow & White
3. Fan Tail Brush
4. Painting Knife
5. Palette 
6. Tissues for keeping Knife clean during colour mixing.
Gerald will provide a photo reference of a landscape but there will be some changes to it by adding a distant hill.  It would be preferable if everyone did the same exercise, as it would be easier to keep track of everyone's progress.
If you would like to know more about Gerald click on the following link
The workshop is at the Carramar Community Centre, Rawlinna Parkway, Carramar. 1pm to 4pm