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Artists Profiles
Celeste Heilbronn PDF Print E-mail

celeste headAsian Influence ..Right from the "Art"

Celeste born, in Cape Town, is an accomplished ceramicist and clay sculptor.

She studied ceramics in the 1980's in Natal and sculpting under the renowned International Sculptor Charles Gotthard in the mountains of Southern Africa.

Jacilyn (Jacqueline Payton) PDF Print E-mail

Jacilyn is an Australian Artist born in UK. She is an Intuitive Artist, Healer and Medium. She emigrated out to Western Australia in 1981, with her family. Her love of art, crafts and people and her expressive creativity has been nurtured in WA with many available opportunities here!              

Jacilyn was first inspired by an artistic older lady, who lived in the same road as her primary school in UK. This lady was called Nora. She was a beautiful artist and musician. She taught Jacilyn how to make paper flowers, draw with charcoal, dressed her up in lace, beads and fans and took many photos!

Janine Rea PDF Print E-mail

jr head 80x90I currently work as a geologist and spend most of my spare time creating art - mainly acrylic paintings and some digital art. I grew up in Brighton, Victoria until I started work as a geologist. I then spent the next 15 years moving from Central Victoria > Mount Isa, Qld > Tennant Creek, NT > etc. etc.... until finally settling down in Perth, WA in 1995.

I love to place paint onto the canvas and let my imagination take over!

Hala Graham PDF Print E-mail

I live in Carramar since moving first from New Zealand then from Melbourne.

I have always enjoyed drawing and always wanted to try my hand at painting - oils.  After a visit to Paul Rigby's property about 3 years ago, I decided to try painting.  I first went to art classes run by Wanneroo Council with Janey Emery as the art teacher  and produced my first painting "Flying pigs" . When Wanneroo Council discontinued the oil painting classes, carried on painting enthusiastically on my own at home until I got to a point when I decided that I needed some direction and some more knowledge on colour and mixing, I then enrolled at Claremont School of Art.  At CSofA the art teacher was Tim Garretty and under Tim I received a good grounding on colour and mixing colours and some constructive advice on planning a painting from start to finish.

To that end, this year I put a painting up for exhibition for the first time when NCAC held their annual art exhibition at Wanneroo. I even got some positive comments!

Inta Archer
inta_archerMy personal enjoyment comes from mixing rich, vibrant oils and applying them to the canvas with a palette knife.

The aim is to borrow and capture the light, colour and texture from the sustaining pleasures of nature which are an endless inspiration to me to evoke a pleasing atmosphere or emotion in my paintings.

Although unremarkable and with no formal art training, this strong urge to paint has taken on a wonderful journey over thirty-five years. I have been lucky to receive a few awards at various exhibitions and also sales which keep the art supplies stocked.


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