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Artists Profiles

Nunnaly Paterson PDF Print E-mail
NunPatersonNunnally “Nun” Paterson 
"I have been always passionate about Art/all sorts-anything that involves with creativity, You can find me there."
Nun's has an impressive graduation profile: 
BSFA-University of Santo Tomas, Manila.
BSBA-University of Nueva Cáceres, Naga City 
Diploma in VEGETARIAN COOKING/“Cordón Vert”, Vegetarian Society, U.K.
Worked in KODAKPhoto Laboratory, MANILA
TEACHES ART & Craft-Hongkong, Australia, Other Places
Exhibited in various places/on paintings and photography .
Received several awards on her work & still is sooo much involved on the creative side of life/work.
Over the years, Nun has taken many photographs for our art club and has also made many contributions to the North Coast Art Club's facebook.


Sandie Mirfield PDF Print E-mail

sandiemirfieldSandie is passionate about the arts in all its forms and colours.

"Since my childhood on the Mediterranean shores of Lebanon, I remain under the spell of the seven seas.  I try to capture the moods of the ocean and its vibrant colours through my acrylic works.  

I've just started experimenting with watercolour and different mediums.  

In 2011, I have moved to Australia with my family after being in Dubai for 10 years.

My first exhibition was in July 2016 at the Grove Library, Peppermint Grove.  


Zelda Hill PDF Print E-mail


  Zelda loves to work with oils, pastels and acrylics.  She has been painting since 2009.

  "I love the workshops at North Coast Art Club, as one learns many techniques from other artists."


Judy Hollinshead PDF Print E-mail

Judy Hollinshead


As an Artistic Director in the Fashion Industry, Judy has a natural love of vivid colour and texture. These are often key signatures in her design work and paintings. Her love of stylized compositions stems directly from her formal Graphic Design training. Judy enjoys using her creative talents to benefit others.

Some examples of Judy's art is shown below:

Celeste Heilbronn PDF Print E-mail

celeste headAsian Influence ..Right from the "Art"

Celeste born, in Cape Town, is an accomplished ceramicist and clay sculptor.

She studied ceramics in the 1980's in Natal and sculpting under the renowned International Sculptor Charles Gotthard in the mountains of Southern Africa.


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